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    If you are a qualified registered voter of Lafayette County, you are entitled to vote a mail ballot (F.S.101.62). The voter must personally vote the ballot (unless assistance is required due to blindness, disability or inability to read or write).


    A mail ballot may be requested for a specific election or for all elections in the current calendar year. The request can be made in person, by mail, telephone, or through this website (See 'Request A Mail Ballot' link at the top of the page). Only the voter or a designated member of his or her immediate family or legal guardian can request a mail ballot for the voter. Immediate family means the voter's spouse, the parent, child, grandparent, or sibling of the voter or of the voter's spouse, or legal guardian.


    A request from the voter must include the following information:

    -The name of the voter for whom the ballot is requested. 
    -The voter's address (residence and mailing). 
    -The voter's date of birth. 
    -The voter's Drivers License (if available). 
    -The voter's signature (written request only).

    If the voter has designated an immediate family member or legal guardian to request his/her mail         ballot, that designee must provide the above information in addition to the following:

    -The requester's name. 
    -The requester's address. 
    -The requester's Drivers License (if available). 
    -The requester's relationship to the voter. 
    -The requester's signature (written requests only).
    -You must read and follow all instructions included with the absentee ballot and on the Absentee Ballot Instructions page. 


    Voted mail ballots must be returned to the Supervisor of Elections Office in person or by mail and must be received no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day for the ballot to be counted. A VOTED BALLOT CANNOT BE ACCEPTED AT A POLLING PLACE!